Diamonds 'n' Dust Equestrian Drill Team
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The Diamonds 'n' Dust Drill Team was formed shortly after Iowa Horse Fair 2015 and currently has 15 members from 5 central Iowa counties. 

We work countless hours to create and practice routines, perfoming at Rodeos, County Fairs and Parades across the state.  With events scheduled into the spring and summer of 2018, we entertain in both lighted and darkened arenas. 

Our members visit and perform at Camp Sunnyside for the benefit of citizens with disabilities and we have the greatest compassion for all underprivileged children. 

Finally, we tip our hats to the Veterans of this great nation and look forward to seeing you in our audiences.

'Thank You' for protecting our great nation and defending the liberties and freedoms bestowed upon us all.

Your Diamonds 'n' Dust Girls,

Emily Lanphier, Chelsea Hunt,
Amy Griffin, Emily Hunt, 
Lydia Judy, Madison Spencer,
Maddie Elliot, Abbie Pardekooper,  Jenna Fynaardt,Lindsey Manser,​  
Alyssa Allen, Amanda Allen, 
Daphne Hayes-Mentzer,
Ashlie VanGorder 
Megan Smolik

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